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VP advocates PPP to build world-class Universities

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says an effective partnership between the public and private sectors to develop world-class universities focusing on innovation in science, technology, and management sciences would help provide solutions to the country’s difficulties through its academic output.

Prof. Osinbajo stated this on Saturday during a keynote address to the Nigerian University of Technology and Management’s founding class (2021). (NUTM).

The VP said that NUTM graduates have what it takes to be among those who could contribute solutions to global concerns in the future.

The Vice President provided three takeaways to encourage students to make effective use of the knowledge they gained from the university.

He stated, “First, every major innovative discovery in science, technology, or the social sciences was the result of patient collaborative work, sometimes across national boundaries.

“Second, most people will never achieve significance since they are solely concerned with themselves and their personal triumphs. However, in order to gain significance, one must do something much larger than oneself; a great concept, a massive game-changer, should always be your goal.

“The third step is to convince yourself that you are as capable as anyone who has ever come up with a game-changing concept. After all, problem-solving innovators are men and women, not ghosts.”