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Leaders return to UN to address pandemic, climate

President Muhammadu Buhari and other world leaders are returning to the United Nations in New York this week to focus on bolstering efforts to combat climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to covid19 constraints, most of the leaders were unable to attend last year’s summit and were obliged to provide video comments for the annual gathering.

While the coronavirus continues to spread due to an inequitable vaccine rollout, nearly a third of the 193 United Nations member states plan to send videos.

Anyone entering the assembly hall, according to the so-called United Nations honour system, basically certifies that they have been vaccinated, but they are not required to produce proof.

Brazil is the first country to speak

President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil is a vaccine sceptic, claiming last week that he does not need the vaccine because he is already immune after contracting COVID-19.

The debate about how many traveling diplomats might have been immunized, according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, demonstrated “how extreme the imbalance is now in connection to vaccination.”

He is advocating for a global vaccination scheme that will cover 70% of the planet by the first half of next year.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Guterres cited Biden’s efforts as “good indicators” that affluent countries were beginning to address vaccine disparity, as well as an IMF proposal to create a $50 billion vaccine program for poorer countries.