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UN, Vodafone initiative to give 3.4bn access to a smartphone by 2030

ITU, the United Nations (UN) specialised agency for information and communication technology, and Vodafone Group have announced a new worldwide project to solve the digital gap.

The UN program expects 3.4 billion individuals to be able to access and use the internet via a smartphone by 2030.

With (4G) already covering 82% of the population in Low-and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), the mobile usage gap is six times greater than the mobile coverage gap.

The global pandemic has expedited the growth of digital societies.

Cellphones are increasingly being used to access public services such as education and medical assistance, financial services, jobs, and to manage businesses.

The new Working Group will identify legislative, commercial, and circular-economy actions to boost smartphone access, in line with the Broadband Commission’s Global Targets 2025 for affordability and connectivity.