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President Buhari meets Queen of Netherlands, seeks intervention in Agriculture

President Muhammadu Buhari has re-emphasized that infrastructure is one of the most important developments Nigeria needs to harness her socio-economic potentials.

During a bilateral meeting with Queen of The Netherlands, Maxima Zorreguieta, at the margins of the United Nations General Assembly holding in New York, President Buhari said Nigeria was well aware of her limitations, and thus prioritising the provision of infrastructure.

He explained that development and progress would be elusive without infrastructure, saying that his administration would do its utmost to accomplish the task of providing infrastructure.

The President told the Queen that Nigerian borders were closed with some neighboring countries to thwart illegal importation of foodstuffs and encourage citizens to go into farming to ensure food security.

President Buhari said the action paid off tremendously and saw Nigeria sailing with ease when Covid-19 and its attendant effects struck.

He said Nigeria could do better with more help in the area of investments, particularly in agriculture, adding that Nigerian farmers are receptive to modern ways of doing things, especially in respect of cutting post-harvest waste.

Queen Zorreguieta lauded what she called the huge effort made by Nigeria to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, saying, noting that Nigeria spent a great part of her GDP against its spread.

She said she had a huge commitment to Nigeria, and pledged to garner more support for the country, but implored the government to provide the needed infrastructure to facilitate their assistance.

Reporting by Abdullah Bello, editing by Abdullahi Lamino