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Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” S6, week 9 highlights

Every Monday in the Big Brother Naija Season 6 house there is a battle for the emblem of authority which makes a housemate the head of house in the new week.

Liquorose and Cross become the BBNaija Week 9 head of house and deputy.

Also, Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates were surprised during the week after Biggie played a prank on them.

Big Brother pranked the other housemates by giving Nini a top-secret mission the latter must not disclose to the other housemates when she returns.

Big Brother told her to leave the house for 24hours, which took effect at midnight (Tuesday).

“While all the housemates are asleep, use the secret exit to leave the house and stay out of the house for 24 hours before returning back.

This is a top-secret mission and you cannot disclose it to anyone. Feign ignorance when questions are asked,” Biggie noted.

This is to get other housemates worried and also to spice up the show.


The moment Nini left the Big brother house, while the housemates were sleeping.


There was mild tension in Big Brother house on Wednesday after Biggie ordered Nini to report to the Diary Room.

Recall Biggie had given Nini a top-secret task to leave the house at midnight for 24hours and she was asked not to tell any of the housemates.

Saga, who happened to be the former’s bestie has been destabilized amid her disappearance from the house.

Saga was seen crying on different occasions but he had gone to knock at the Diary Room and also did not participate in the early morning exercise.

Saga, who was deeply affected by the prank, lamented and said, “I am talking to my microphone, and biggie isn’t answering me. What am I supposed to use my life to do like this? This doesn’t make any sense to me.“

His behaviour towards this has sparked different reactions from social media users as some considered it not love but an obsession.


Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates were surprised to see Nini back on her bed on Thursday, day 61 of the show.

Throughout Wednesday, Nini disappeared from the house, based on a secret mission from Biggie, leaving the housemates worried and scared.

In the early hours of Thursday, Nini came back into the house through the secret door upstairs and headed downstairs to keep her bag before slipping into bed.

Pere, who fought hard to stay awake all night, was woken by her footsteps and as she went into the room, he hurriedly woke Saga, who was also lying down at the main lounge.

The duo went to meet Nini on the bed and stared at her with bewildered looks on their face while Nini feigned sleep.

They left the room to the lounge and Pere told Saga that he kept slipping in and out of sleep only for him to wake up and see Nini’s frame walking towards the room area and guessed that she may have come from upstairs.

Saga said that he guessed it was a prank because it seemed she carried essential items like toothpaste and soap.

He later went to meet Nini and kept staring at her. Queen woke up with surprise and asked Nini where she had been.

Nini said, “I’ve been here all the while. Haven’t you seen me all this while? I was there when you came to bed with Whitemoney.”

At that point, Whitemoney and Emmanuel woke up and started staring at Nini, while Queen sat beside her on the bed.

Angel later woke up and started gazing at Nini who asked them why they were acting weird.


Meanwhile. Nini has said she hoped she had not done anything in the house to jeopardize her relationship with her boyfriend.

She expressed her fears during her time in the Diary Room with Big Brother.

Asked if she had a relationship before coming to the House, Nini said: “Yes. I was in a relationship becoming coming to the House.

“I hope I have not done anything to annoy my boyfriend and put the relationship in jeopardy.”

Asked her reaction to the disappearing act, Nini said it was the most exciting thing for her in the House.

However, Nini added, she felt pity for the housemates due to the emotions they went through when she disappeared. 

Big Brother, at the end of the session, promised her a prize for successfully executing the game. Also, urging her to keep up with the act and not tell the housemates what happened.       

Nini is currently up for possible eviction for the final top five.

Compiled by Tola Oguneye