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President Kenyatta family’s secret assets exposed

The family of Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta was alleged to have owned a network of offshore companies for decades in the country.

Pandora Papers says 12 million files is the biggest of such financial leak in the history of the country.

Mr Kenyatta and six members of his family have been linked to 13 offshore companies.

However, they have not responded to requests for comment.

According to BBC, the Kenyattas’ offshore investments, including a company with stocks and bonds worth $30m (£22m), were discovered among hundreds of thousands of pages of administrative paperwork from the archives of 14 law firms and service providers in Panama and the British Virgin Islands.

The purpose of the foundation and the value of its assets are unknown to anyone before the leakage.

President Kenyatta told the BBC in 2018 that he wanted ”fighting corruption and promoting transparency would be his legacy”.

Also in 2018, Mr Kenyatta told the BBC Hardtalk programme that his family’s wealth was known to the public, and he had declared his assets as required by law.