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Global Handwashing Day: School enlightens pupils on benefit

School children insist handwashing remains a panacea to the menace of deadly communicable diseases in the country.

At a sensitization programme to mark the global handwashing day in Abuja, the Pupils explained that Water, Sanitation and good Hygiene ensure healthy living.

A primary four pupil Miss Aishat Bello explained that one can wash hands after using the toilet, changing a diaper, coughing and sneezing, visiting the hospital and after touching a sick or injured person.

Alex Abdullah another primary four pupil explained steps to take in promoting proper handwashing with soap.

“Wet your hands with clean running water, rub with soap to cover all the surface of your hands, rub palm to palm in a circular motion, scrub between your fingers, back and forth, rinse your hands and leave to dry, then close the tap with your elbow.”

A school Head Teacher, Mrs Nneka Eze,  said this year’s global handwashing day serves as a clarion call to sensitize the public on the need to always wash their hands and maintain a clean environment.

“This year, aside the global COVID-19 pandemic, Nigeria experienced an unprecedented cholera outbreak which affected many states. This placed a huge strain on our healthcare services and led to the loss of precious lives across our communities, so there is urgent need to promote proper hygiene to reduce infectious diseases in the country”.

“The theme for this year’s celebration, ‘Our Future is at Hand – Let’s Move Forward Together, is a call to action for everyone to maximize the opportunity presented by the current pandemic in addressing the lack of investment in hygiene and put in place programmes that promote hand hygiene at scale.

Some of the residents who participated in the handwashing exercise advised that the programme be carried out routinely across the country.

Reporting by Julian Osamoto, editing by Daniel Adejo.