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Sanwo-Olu finally receives his caricature

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has finally received a caricature of himself that stirred controversy on Instagram.

The caricature was drawn by the Instagram user, Taiwo Osinowo @ bodataiye_oniyakuya.

“I am truly really excited about the creativity we have in Lagos, there are many of them that we need to bring forward” the governor explained amidst excitement and cheers from thousands of youths at the Lagos Youth Symposium.

The Governor also added that the secondary education curriculum in the state would be changed to enable students specialise in music, fashion, entertainment, and arts.

The artist, Taiwo stated that he was apprehensive when the governor commented on his Instagram post, asking him to come to Alausa to present the caricature, stating that netizens on the app discouraged him, liking his going to the Governor’s office as a journey of no return.

Reporting by Omolara Omosanya; editing by Muzha Kucha