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Minister to address discrimination against women

The Permanent Secretary of Minister of women affairs Mr. Adebiyi Olufunso (left) Director General of the National centre for women develop, Dr Asabe Vilita (right) and other representative of women groups

The Federal Government says it is establishing reforms that will eliminate every obstacles against women rights in the country.

   The Minister of Women Affairs,  Dame Pauline Tallen made the call in Abuja at a media conference to commemorate the International Day of Rural Women with the theme: Rural Women, Cultivating Good Food for All.”

  According to the minister,  It is estimated that rural women constitute about 80 percent of the agricultural labour force, however,  they are faced with numerous challenges that hinder their potential and contribution on a larger scale.

   The Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen represented by the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Adebiyi Olufunso explained that removing obstacles to women’s rights to own land and reforming laws and discriminatory practices could foster an environment of equity for rural women. 

“By ensuring that rural women  have enabling environment, market outlets, job security and social protection as well as providing technical, agricultural and vocational training,  we can further nurture their entrepreneurial drive” she said

     Dame Pauline Tallen further called on stakeholders to move from pledges to action to protect the interest and harness the potential of rural women to ensure food security for all.

The United Nations Women Country Representative, Ms. Comfort Lamptey represented by UN women programme officer for community engagement and social cash Transfer, Ms. Patience Ekechukwu advised policy makers to strengthen food production by putting into consideration the differentiated needs and resources of rural women and men.

“Unequal power relations between women and men in the household and society and prevalent violence against women and girls, results in unequal access to food and heightened experience of hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity” she said

  The Representative of the Bank of Agriculture, Mrs. Asabe Guramu advised rural women to take advantage of various initiatives of bank to gain access to loan facilities and pledged to partner with the Ministry on initiatives targeted at empowering rural women economically.

   Some rural women said the lack of good roads; insecurity and access to land were some of the major challenges confronting the profitability of their Agricultural ventures.

  Other stakeholders at the event called for the need to recognise and reward the resilience of rural women in consistent food production and security for all.

Reporting by Azizatu Sani, editing by Daniel Adejo.