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NECO releases 2021 examination results

The National Examination Council (NECO) has released the results of the July Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination.

NECO Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Dantali Wushishi, told newsmen in Minna on Friday that out of 1,233,631 individuals who enrolled, 1,226,631 wrote the exam.

Prof. Wushishi said 945,853 candidates received five credits or higher, including English Language and Mathematics, whereas 1,094,291 received five credits or higher, regardless of English Language and Mathematics.

He stated that the number of candidates who received five credits or more, including English and Mathematics, was 878,925, or 71.64%; a 2.2% decline was observed when compared to 2020 SSCE internal,

Candidates who received 5 credits or more, regardless of English language or mathematics, was 1,226,796, or 94.04%, the registrar said further.

Prof. Wushishi remarked that the number of candidates implicated in misconduct in 2021 was 20,003, or 1.63%, compared to 33,470, or 2.63%, in 2020.

He said that 20 supervisors were blacklisted for poor monitoring, aiding and abetting, collusion with non-candidates to write answers on chalkboards, compromise, and extortion.

The registrar stated that proper standards and excellence were maintained from the planning stage until results’ dissemination.

Reporting by Daniel Adejo, editing by Saadatu Albashir