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George Clooney writes open letter to media

Actor George Clooney has issued an open letter asking media outlets not to publish photos that show his children’s faces.

The star says such images put his two children in danger, particularly due to his wife’s line of work.

Amal Clooney is a human rights lawyer who, the actor notes in his letter, puts terrorist groups on trial.

His comments were published by several trade magazines, including Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.

The actor, who has starred in Gravity and Ocean’s Eleven, said he and his wife are not on social media and are protective of their children’s privacy.

Clooney said he decided to write the letter after seeing photos of US actress Billie Lourd’s one-year-old daughter published online.

The letter is addressed at “the Daily Mail and other publications”. The Daily Mail has not yet publicly responded.

The 60-year-old actor previously rejected an apology from Mail Online, the newspaper’s website, after it printed a false story about Amal’s mother Baria Alamuddin.

George and Amal Clooney are parents to twins who were born in 2017. The couple have been married since 2014.

Editing by Tola Oguneye