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National library to introduce online public access

The Nigerian National Library has launched a campaign called “Family Book Club” to encourage the documentation of biographies, preferably in indigenous languages.

The National Librarian, Prof. Chinwe Veronica Anunobi, said at a news briefing on the restructuring of libraries in the country, that this will help improve literacy and encourage family legacy documentation.

Prof. Anunobi said that she would also assure the automation of library operations and services, emphasizing that card catalogues will be phased out in favour of the implementation of a uniform online public access catalogue OPAC.

’Technological advancement has made it possible for us to achieve results easier and faster than we ordinarily could. We are going to exploit the advantages provided by information technological tools in order to make things convenient for our patrons”. 

She stated that by the end of her time as Chief Executive Officer of the National Library of Nigeria, the OPAC regime would electronically link materials in all branches.

She offered to work with certain schools to help with the establishment and management of libraries in order to encourage reading.

She identified other areas of attention as digitization and library development, offering library services to hard-to-reach places, and expanding and strengthening library archives.

Reporting by Daniel Adejo; editing by Saadatu Albashir