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Trade and Investment Ministry workers protest

The staff of the Ministry of Industry, trade and investment have protested what they describe as a deplorable state of affairs evidenced by low workers morale and poor service delivery.

During a protest today at the Ministry in Abuja, the union said the above was brought about by the activities and administrative tendencies of the Permanent Secretary.

Chairman of the union in the ministry Comrade Okonkwo Onwuyai said the presence of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry can no longer guarantee industrial harmony.

The staff unanimously called for the redeployment of the Permanent Secretary with immediate effect to restore confidence and a sense of harmony in the workplace.

However, the Minister of Industry, trade and investment Adebayo Adeniyi has intervened in the matter before the latest protest with a view to resolving the issues.

He also promised to interface with the workers to ensure an amicable resolution of the dispute and ensure a good working relationship between the PS and the workers.

Reported by Victoria Chimezie, Editing by Omotola Oguneye