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PMB makes case for global access to COVID19 vaccine

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged world leaders and global health institutions to implement a policy that allows for access to COVID19 vaccine.

He warned that excluding countries in terms of reach would jeopardize the entire efforts to ensure safety.

President Buhari said in a keynote address at the Paris Peace Forum (PPF) that export restrictions that encourage unnecessary vaccine stockpiling must be abolished while applauding industrialized countries’ efforts to share vaccines.

The President stated that pledges should be fulfilled in a timely manner, praising countries like France for donating vaccines to developing countries.

Lessons Learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic

President Buhari also focused on “Lessons Learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Importance of Coordination Among All Actors for Vaccine Delivery.

He stated that distribution coordination must be complete, and the goal must be the same: to give vaccines all over the world saying the current level of vaccination delivery leaves much to be desired.

He emphasized that there are instances where certain countries are providing booster third doses to their citizens while millions throughout the world, particularly in underdeveloped countries, have yet to receive a single shot.

The planned COVAX deliveries to Africa had been cut by 25% due to supply shortages and export bans, a major setback for Africa, where vaccine deliveries are expected to increase from around 20 million doses per month to an average of 150 million doses per month if the target of fully vaccinating 70% of its population by September 2022 is to be met, he said.

The Nigerian president thanked Mr Pascal Lamy, President of the Paris Peace Forum, for inviting him to share his opinions on the significance of collaboration among all actors in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporting by Bello Wakili; Editing by Saadatu Albashir