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Protesting lorry drivers leave motorists stranded in Kogi

Truck drivers blocking the Abuja-Lokoja Road in 2016. Photo: PM News

Motorists passing through Kogi State to the eastern part of the country have been stranded for several hours along Ganaja Road in Lokoja, the state capital. 

The traffic situation was said to have been caused by a blockade by some lorry drivers reportedly protesting the deflation of their tires by suspected revenue collectors in Kogi state. 

The incident, which reportedly occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, resulted in a dire traffic challenge with commuters resorting to trekking long distances to escape the traffic. 

As at the time of reporting, attempts were being made to pacify the lorry drivers who insisted that all the tires be replaced with new ones. 

FRSC, VIO and police personnel were also seen making attempts to bring the situation under control as the traffic built up. 

Reporting by Ohikwo Mohammed; Editing by Tina Oyinsan