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Expert seeks law to protect whistle blowers

The National Assembly has been called upon to enact a whistle blower protection law to effectively drive the whistle blower policy developed 5 years ago by the Federal Government.

The Coordinator of the African Center for Media and Information Literacy, AFRICMIL, Dr. Chido Onumah stated this in Abuja at a public presentation of the survey on five years of the whistle blower policy in Nigeria.

Dr Onumah who highlighted the findings of the survey, said although the policy had fared well, there is still room for improvement through the institutionalisation of the policy.

“A lot of whistle blowers don’t feel protected, we have cases where people suffer retaliation, loss of job, threat to their lives and their Finances for two-three years and nothing happens; that’s a concern, then alot of people also worry that they don’t get a fair share in terms of monetary compensation. People also feel Justice should be served and the public appears not to be seeing too many of this things”

The Coordinator of AFRICMIL who said Nigeria needed to rid its system from years of massive corruption in public service noted that it was the only way a new Nigeria would be born.

Reporting by Emmanuel Kutara, editing by Daniel Adejo