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Pharmaceutical council to enforce marketing regulations

Nigeria’s Pharmacy Council will begin enforcing pharmaceutical product marketing regulations in 2022.

Dr Elijah Mohammed, the Registrar, who made the announcement in Lagos state during a stakeholders meeting on the Regulation, stated that the absence of regulation has contributed to the disorderly drug distribution system.

He said the Pharmaceutical council of Nigeria’s Regulation on Pharmaceutical Product Marketing will bring order to Drug Distribution System, as well as promote ethical behaviour among marketers, sales agents, and other associated stakeholders.

According to Dr Mohammed, the Regulation will define who qualifies as a pharmaceutical representative and who qualifies as a sales representative by establishing a code of conduct for each category.

He stated that beginning next year, PCN expects to register each category and award a biennial certificate.

Dr Mohammed stated that effective immediately, no person will be permitted to act as a pharmaceutical or sales representative or to present himself as a pharmaceutical or sales representative on behalf of a company in the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry without first being accredited and then renewing his permit by the Council.

He thus urged all pharmaceutical organisations, groups, and persons involved in pharmaceutical marketing to become aware of the Regulation; obtain a copy of the Regulations, read them, and adhere to the code of conduct.

Reporting by Maureen Eke; Editing by Saadatu Albashir