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Three activists rewarded for promoting good governance in Africa

A Pan-African movement – known as ”Africans Rising” – has awarded three activists in Africa for their selfless contributions towards the attainment of democracy, justice, human rights and good governance on the continent.

The Awards, which came under three categories, were: Activist of the Year, Movement of the Year, and Artistic Activist of the Year.

They were presented to the winners in Abuja.

Co-Chair of the Africans Rising Movement, Wangui wa Goro, said the award aimed at encouraging young African activists pushing for the desired change on the continent, and to spur others to join the cause.

A coordinating member of the movement, Coumba Toure, said Africa needs to move past the time when expressing one’s opinion becomes a threat to life.

Another Coordinating member of the movement, Muhammed Lamin, described Africans Rising as a movement which supports and shows solidarity with groups across the continents, with the aim of achieving their stated causes.

Mr Lamin explained that through the movement’s ‘Freedom Campaign,’ so many Journalists and activists have been freed from prisons across the continent, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nigerian Activist and co-chair of the movement, Deji Adeyanju, said group made solidarity interventions in Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon in order to ensure restoration of democratic rule in those embattled countries.

A group from Zambia won the movement of the year category, while Joice Zou, a Poet from Angola, won the Artistic Activist of the year.

Reporting by Hamza Alkali; Editing by Adeniyi Bakare and Tony Okerafor