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Tricycle operators strike in Kano

Tricycles remain out of service at a park in Kano metropolis. Photo: Abdullahi Jallaludeen

Commuters in Kano have been left stranded due to a shortage of means of transportation as tricycle operators embark on strike.

Radio Nigeria observes that many people resolved to trek in the metropolitan areas.

The tricycle operators are agitating that the ₦8000 imposed as operational permit for each operator was high. They are seeking a review of the permit cost.

Motorcycle riders  (Okada) have also resurfaced in some areas despite the ban on motorcycles in the state.

A tricycle operator, Musbahu Ali who spoke to Radio Nigeria decried the high charges of dues collected by the government as revenue.

Commuters have resolved to trek. Photo: Abdullahi Jallaludeen

Managing Director, Kano Road Traffic Agency (KAROTA) Alhaji Baffa Babba Danagundi said the government was spending a huge amount of money in building the infrastructure, security, and other facilities tricycle operators are enjoying, hence the measure was to ensure that revenue was derived for the infrastructure maintenance and to enhance security.

“We cut down the dues of operational permit from ₦100,000 to ₦8,000 only, and in the last 2 years, no kobo was collected from tricycle operators as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet these operators felt the charges are too high”.

Baffa Babba Dan’agundi added that the government has concluded arrangements for provident mass buses for transportation geared toward alleviating the suffering of the people.

Reporting by Abdullahi Jalaluddeen; editing by Muzha Kucha