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SERVICOM tasks MDAs on improved service delivery

The National coordinator/CEO SERVICOM, Nnenna Akajemeli, has called for a stronger synergy between Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) for improved service delivery processes.

Mrs Akajemeli made the call during an advocacy visit to the Chief Executive officer, Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) in Abuja.

The SERVICOM boss said the Unit was charged with the responsibility of ensuring citizen-centred and quality service delivery to Nigerians.

“Taking ownership of the process is key to sustaining the SERVICE delivery drive of this administration,” she explained.

The SERVICOM CEO called for the support of the NMDPRA’s chief executive officer to carry out independent surveys on customers experience, in order to collate feedback for service improvements in the agency.

Mrs Akajemeli pledged that Management would provide the SERVICOM Unit with the needed support and resources for service improvement (work plan) implementation by developing Service Charter in order to capture services of the new merger.

As she put it, the Charter is a strategic document that communicates the commitments of services provided by NMDPRA to its customers and MDA’s operational tool that enshrines trust between Service-providers and Service-takers through their response to complaints and information to key stakeholders.

She urged the management of NMDPRA to strengthen the position of the SERVICOM Unit to regulate and monitor midstream and downstream operations all over the country.

She also called for a framework for performance monitoring, self-assessments and surveys to be put in place to identify gaps for service improvements.

By so doing, SERVICOM Units would be repositioned to function optimally, thereby ensuring that “all citizens are served right”.

In an address, the Authority Chief Executive Officer, NMDPRA), Farouk Ahmed informed Mrs Akajemeli that the business of the Agency cuts across all sectors in their retail outlets, adding that they are “sensitive in the manner in which they conduct businesses”.

Mr Ahmed told his guest that the Agency would harmonise its Service Charter into one, given the fact that the three Agencies where merged to become one; hence the need to change their psyche in order for them to work as a team.

He promised to work with the SERVICOM and bring ideas in the areas of improvements, which, he insisted, would bring sustainable development and economic growth to the nation.

Writing by Adeniyi Bakare: Editing by Tony Okerafor