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Actress Juliana accuses Pastor Timilehin of impersonation, sexual assault

Actress Juliana Oloyede has called out her former foster father, Pastor Timilehin Adigun, and accused him of refusing to release her social media account passwords to her.

Juliana, who starred as Toyo Baby in Jenifa, took to Instagram to recount her fresh ordeal with the man of God after their 2020 social media drama. 

Crying, Juliana said she doesn’t like drama or fights and just wants Adigun to give her back her passwords and set her free.

Actress Julianna Olayode has released another video where she accused him of sexually abusing her sister.

Reacting, Pastor Timi said he created all Juliana’s social media accounts, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for free as a father would.

He said he made sure to give Juliana all her passwords and he doesn’t currently have her passwords.

He narrated how she left his church after he did something which he later apologized for, but she said she was unable to forgive him.

He went on to tell her that he initially held on to her Facebook account, hoping she will one day come back to him.

He admitted that he used her Facebook account to make a post but when she called him out on Instagram about it, he deleted it.

He went on to explain why he unpublished her Facebook account.

He further told her that he knows many of her secrets but won’t reveal it to the world because he is her “father”.

Pastor Timilehin Adigun also reacted to Juliana Oloyede’s claim that he sexually abused her sister, which is why she couldn’t forgive him and had to leave his church.

Timi has now reacted. He denied the sexual assault allegation and said he’s ready to go to court to defend himself.

He added that he hopes Juliana will find peace.

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"I am ready to stand before any court" Timilehin Adigun denies sexually abusing Juliana Oloyede

This is not the first time Pastor Timi will be involved in a scandal. Back in 2020, Pastor Timi Adigun, who founded MINE teens ministry, was accused by members of sexually assaulting several girls in his ministry for years.

He later admitted that he was “involved in inappropriate behaviour with females” and asked for forgiveness.

He has remained a Pastor and has continued running the church.

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