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New app Whatchapp developed by Nigerians to tackle insecurity

A new app that can help stop the rise in violence in Nigeria has been unveiled.

The service called “WhatchApp” lets people keep an eye out for each other in case of an attack.

Chief Christian Ebede and Nnonso Marchie, two Nigerian security engineers who live in the UK, came up with the new technology for the security situation in Nigeria. It was designed by Emmanuel Azu Nwaolisa, a Nigerian.

According to the Guardian Newspaper, WhatchApp has been a huge hit in Nigeria since it first came out, saying It has become a huge security game-changer.

People who use this app can stay in touch with their families, friends, and neighbours and also let them know when something important is happening near them, so they and their loved ones can stay safe.

How it works

WhatchApp users can be tracked anywhere in Nigeria once they sign up. To make sure that your location is turned on on your Android mobile phone, all you have to do is make sure that the setting is turned on. If you don’t feel safe or there is an emergency, you can send a message from the app by pressing the SOS button, and your friends and family will be able to see your location right away. In order to do this, you can write down the names, emails, and phone numbers of your friends and family on your SOS contact.

It has a feature that allows the user to record and send a picture of the whole scene, as well as a security alert, automatically, the creators of the App said.

Writing by Maryam Asari, Editing by Saadatu Albashir