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FCT Fire Service takes safety campaign to schools

The Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Fire Service in collaboration with the Rotary club embarked on a fire safety sensitization campaign in secondary schools across the FCT.

The Public Relations Officer, PRO, of the FCT Fire Service, Mr Ibrahim Muhammad, during the exercise in Junior Secondary School Asokoro, Abuja, advised the students on the importance of fire safety and prevention.

Mr Muhammad explained that it was important to know when to stop combating fire and run for safety, before the arrival of fire fighters.

“The classes of fire are: class A- free burning material such as wood, paper and should be extinguished with water.
“Class B: liquid and liquefied products such as kerosene and should be extinguished with sand.
“Class C: gas, and other LPG products should be extinguished with Dry chemical powder extinguisher, carbon dioxide extinguisher or sand. Class D: metals and associated products should be extinguished through all other methods, except water,” Mr Muhammad stated

During a practical drill, the PRO demonstrated how effective it was to use a fire blanket to quench small fires and prevent its spread.

He noted that fire needed 16 percent oxygen to burn rapidly, hence the need to stop access to oxygen during a fire.

He urged the students to take the knowledge gained during the training back home to serve as fire service vanguards.

The PRO gave the emergency number to call in case of fire emergencies as 092906118 and 112 for rapid response to emergency.

Meanwhile, the President, Rotary Club of Abuja, Mr Augustine Goodluck promised to sustain the campaign to reach larger percentage of FCT students on fire safety.

The Principal of the School, Dr Ebong Mary, appreciated the gesture of both organisations, noted that the awareness campaign was a welcome idea that broaden the knowledge of the students on fire management.

One of the beneficiary, A Junior Secondary School (JSS) 3 student, Victory Ashiedu said he has learnt the usage and importance of fire extinguisher in the immediate environment, to tackle fire emergencies.

The club donated carbon dioxide and dry compound powder fire extinguishers to the school and the most responsive student during the lecture.

Reporting by Halima Idris, editing by Adeniyi Bakare