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Group moves to reduce maternal mortality in Kwara

At least 16,000 women have been earmarked to receive healthcare services to reduce maternal mortality across the 16 local governments of Kwara state.

A Maternal Health Advocate, Dr Elizabeth Ijaodola-Johnson made the disclosure while speaking at the launching of a cooperative aimed at supporting women’s health care in Ilorin.

Dr Ijaodola-Johnson described as “alarming” a recent United Nations report that says in Nigeria, there are about 850 maternal deaths per every 100,000 births.

She said women find themselves in this situation as a result of their inability to access health care.

She also appealed to government at all levels to ensure universal health coverage for women in order to bring about a drastic reduction in maternal mortality.

An advocate of women empowerment, Busola Olotu, advised women to ensure they use the support accessed through the cooperative to take care of their health and the family.

In a paper presentation titled “Save the Child of Maternal Death in the Society”, Professor Kayode Salaudeen urged women to seek appropriate health care during pregnancy or childbirth.

Reporting by Ali Rabiu; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino and Tony Okerafor