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Group moves to promote nationalism among Nigerians

A group determined to promote the passion for nationalism and return the country to what it describes as the good old days has emerged.

The group, Patriotic Elders Network for Peace and Justice in Nigeria, said it will no longer fold its arms and watch the continuing division in the country, which has been undermining the good reputation built over several decades.

It also aims to bring back” the days of pride” when Nigerians lived without religion, ethnic or regional division .

Briefing journalists in Abuja, the spokesman for the group, Chief Nnamdi Nwigwe, said Nigeria has the potential to be as great as the developed nations of the world but is being retarded by agitations.

Chief Nwigwe said the group has outlined programmes through which it would change the narrative and return the country to a truly united entity.

The founder of the group, Dr Bature Abdulaziz, said he and his colleagues were also determined to contribute their quota in defending the integrity of Nigeria in the international community through civic education.

Reporting by Abubakar Bestu; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino and Tony Okerafor