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ECOWAS strategise on Vision 2050 implementation

The Director, Policy and Research, Inter-Governmental Action Group Against Money Laundering in West Africa GIABA, says for the successful implementation of ECOWAS’s Vision 2050, there must be full involvement of all stakeholders especially the States, Non- State Actors, Civil society, Private Sector, diaspora, and Development Partners.

He gave the submission during his presentation at the Fifth Legislature Parliamentary Seminar of ECOWAS Parliament at Monrovia the capital of Liberia.

Dr. Muazu who also represented the Vice President of the ECOWAS Commission at the Seminar spoke on the topic; ECOWAS Vision 2050; Formulation process and Implementation Challenges.

According to him, the first step towards the entire process starts with the evaluation of Vision 2020 to identify the various pitfalls that were responsible for the lapses with the aim of taking proactive measures to forestall future occurrence, followed by a diagnostic study of the sub-region to include a compendium of the aspirations of the people and other major stakeholders of ECOWAS.

Dr. Muazu further explained that the evaluation will help to create a database that would provide basic background information to create scenarios that would be helpful in driving the vision, stressing the need for the establishment of an appropriate institutional framework to support global governance around Vision 2050 and the participatory processes needed to achieve it.

He emphasized Sustainability which is the inclusion of long-term policies, programs and projects developed under Vision 2050 to maximize its impact on the people and communities across the region, synergy at the local, national and regional levels as well as mobilization of Resources, Cooperation were also important for the successful implementation of the Vision, accounting to Dr. Umar.

For the ECOWAS Parliament, the Director, Policy and Research, GIABA urged them to pay serious attention to strong advocacy and strengthen community ownership in their various Members state.

He also enjoined them to do proper oversight that would help to match every level of the implementation stages with the resources allocated to ensure accountability and effective delivery.

Reporting by Idara Ukpanyang, Editing by Omotola Oguneye