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Fuel Scarcity worsens in Kaduna Metropolis

The scarcity of petrol in Kaduna Metropolis has worsened as most of the filing stations stay for more than a week without supply.

 In the millennium City at Chikun Local Government only AA Rano selling the fuel with a long queue of cars and Kekenapep.

At the popular Mobil filling station at Independence way, there is a long queue of cars without the product but people are hoping to get it today or tomorrow.

At Ahmadu Bello Way, only NNPC mega station opposite Abakwa sells the product in a long queue.

An investigation by radio Nigeria reveals that most people dropped their vehicles to join commercial vehicles and tricycles as a result of the scarcity of the product and prices of fuel at the black market are not affordable.

At the black market, four liters of petrol is two thousand naira while in other places is two thousand five hundred naira.

Parents leave their homes as early as 6:00 am in order to take their children to school and work because of the high number of passengers during the morning hour rush.

Reporting by Adamu Yusuf, editing by Daniel Adejo.