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Nigerian airlines form alliance to enhance performance

Airlines in the country have formed an alliance called the “Spring Alliance”, primarily aimed at mutually supporting each other’s operations.

The new alliance is also designed to help member-airlines surpass the expectations of the flying public as it were.

The alliance was signed in Lagos by six airlines, who have agreed to come together for this purpose.

Vice-president, Airline Operators of Nigeria, Allen Onyema said the Spring Alliance is for the benefit of the passengers who fly with the six airlines.

According to Mr Onyema, the member-airlines had decided to come together for the benefit of the flying public, which use the opportunities provided by the airline companies to fly, describing the initiative to create the new alliance as a “noble one”, representing what he called “a revolution” in Nigeria’s aviation sector.

He urged other airlines to join the group and tap into the benefits offered by it.

Mr Onyema promised that the flying public will reap the benefits of the new alliance.

“For example, if Air Peace has a tech issue on any of its aircraft,” he illustrated, “the passengers of Air Peace need not to be delayed, if any member of this alliance is going to the same destination. All we need to do is move the passengers over to that other airline at no further cost to the passenger.”

A member of the newly-formed alliance, Captain Abdullahi Mahmood, called the Spring Alliance a historic move, one, he said, that prioritises the satisfaction of the passenger.

“Safety is the number-one priority,” Captain Mahmood continued.

“This is what we stand for, and coming together, like my colleagues rightly said, you find out that all these delays are caused by problems that passengers do not know and we just carry them from one point to another on time and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

“We are asking passengers to give their utmost cooperation; we are doing our best. It is a challenging situation we find ourselves but yes, we are all in this together and we are hopefully coming out together.”

Reporting by Nosa Aituamen; Editing by Marian Benjamin and Tony Okerafor