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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich sanctioned by UK Govt

The owner of English Premier League giants and current UEFA Champions League champions, Chelsea FC, has been sanctioned by the UK government.

The sanction imposed on Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich effectively blocks the sale of the club over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian billionaire will now have all his assets frozen, banned from coming to Britain and from doing business there.

According to the UK Sun newspaper, Chelsea will be granted a special licence to continue playing but Abramovich will not profit from the club.

The club is also not allowed to sell tickets – with only season ticket-holders being able to attend match fixtures.

In a statement on Thursday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “There can be no safe havens for those who have supported Putin’s vicious assault on Ukraine.

“Today’s sanctions are the latest step in the UK’s unwavering support for the Ukrainian people.

“We will be ruthless in pursuing those who enable the killing of civilians, destruction of hospitals, and illegal occupation of sovereign allies.”

Abramovich is among seven Putin cronies sanctioned today to keep twisting the thumbscrews on Russia for invading Ukraine.

News first emerged last week that Abramovich had listed the club for sale following the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

However, the billionaire cannot sell the five-time Premier League champions, and the UK Government would need to give special dispensation for the sale of the club – with Abramovich receiving no money for it either directly or indirectly.

Editing by Omotola Oguneye