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China to cremate unclaimed body of Nigerian

The Chinese authorities are preparing to cremate the body of a deceased Nigerian held by them since 2017.

Mr Omokaro Lolo, passport number A027-4437H, was born on April 17, 1977, in Udo village, Esan South Local Government, Edo state.

Through the Nigerian consulate office in Shanghai, China stated that the reason for death was unknown, but that efforts had been underway to locate the deceased’s family in Nigeria.

According to a statement from the Nigerian Consulate in Shanghai, the Chinese office had written three times alerting it of the deceased Nigerian’s status.

It sought consent to process and cremate the body at Minhang Funeral House after being in their possession for 3 years, and that the ashes would be retained for one more year in compliance with the law because the family had never made contact.

The notification encouraged members of the deceased’s family to call +8615102193100.

Writing by Hamza Alkali; Editing by Daniel Adejo and Saadatu Albashir