Nigeria Special Report

Harnessing women’s potentials

The role of the woman as the building block of the home cannot be over emphasised, It is evident in how her existence changed the narrative of creation.

Every woman is created with an inert ability, gifted with exceptional intuitive reasoning and the ability to not only make a difference in all ramifications, but to also operate at a very high pedestal that cannot be equaled or rivaled.

A woman’s stability and unwavering strength even in the face of adversity can best be described as the 7th wonder of nature whose creation seals up the whole process of creation. Juggling between family, career and self care is definitely a lot to contend with, but many women are uniquely gifted to be multifaceted, multitasking and Multi-talented.

When a woman’s energy is properly channeled, she does not only exude beauty, warmth, grace and exceptional wisdom but breeds peace, creativity and love. The role of a woman in providing succor for all around her is so glaring, that in her absence, there’s a visible vacuum which can best be described as an abysmal of despondency and chaos.

It is appalling that even with these various attributes of women just a handful of them holds political positions all over the world. This may be attributed to lot of factors ranging from been perceived as been inferior to their male counterparts likened to the bill seeking to give women special seat in both the National Assembly and House of Representatives which was rejected by 208 to 209 votes.

This is to say that women were also part of those who voted against the passage of the bill at the National Assembly, this also shows how unsupportive women are to each other for some reasons which may not be far from envy, jealousy and social status.

It is important that women understand that no woman is created inferior but made for the fulfillment of purpose on earth and as such, should be seen and treated as such. They should also understand their identity and the natural inbuilt power in them.

Some women such as; former Minister of Education, Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili, current United Nation’s Assistant General Secretary, Amina Mohammed, Director General, World Trade Organization, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the former Director-General NAFDAC of blessed memory, Professor Dora Akunyili among others over the years have attained enviable heights and positions of prominence. Women should strive to add more names to the list.

This can be achieved by ensuring they uplift each other and empower the vulnerable among them rather than engage in activities that may hinder their growth or success.

As sad as it may sound, a lot of women prefer the male folk to their fellow women and this affects women taking up political roles for fear of not being voted for by their female folks.

Therefore, as the world marks International Women’s day with the theme, “Gender Equality: Break the barrier”, it is pertinent that both the Red and Green Chambers use the opportunity to reconsider women and the vital roles they have played in the past taking evidence from Countries like Cape Verde, Liberia, Britain among others where women have led and are still leading. Such countries witnessed the best era led by women.

Most importantly, women should rise and break first the seal of stereotype that has been a limitation over the years and understand that discovering one’s true worth and helping one another to grow gives freedom and fulfilment.

Writing by Paulina Alabi; editing by Muzha Kucha