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NGO seeks more empowerment for women at rural areas

The Founder of a non-governmental Organisation, Lola Center for the Needy Foundation, Ms. Ololade Ogunnubi has advocated the empowerment of women and girls, especially at the grassroots on the tenets of gender equality and its importance in ensuring individual and societal development.

Ms. Ogunnubi made the call in Abuja at a conference for women and girls as part of events to commemorate the international women’s month with the theme, ‘’Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’’.

Ms. Ogunnubi stressed the need for women and girls to take action in their spaces and stand for equal representation in politics and other endeavours to create policies and plans that were sensitive to the peculiarity of the female gender.

“The disparity is getting too much, we have over 11 thousand professors in Nigeria and only one thousand plus are women. So this is like a charge up for women and girls to take up more leadership positions, fill up the technological space and invent things that will work for women” she said 

During a panel discussion on different perspectives of gender equality, the programme manager YIAGA Africa, Ms. Efemena Ozugha said it was fundamental for women and girls especially young girls to collectively work together to raise the bar on gender equality in their schools and workplaces.

“Collective action of young women, old women, and women with disability coming together can give us the kind of power we need to generate the change we desire to see,” she said

Other panelists spoke on the understanding of gender equality from the religious perspective and confirmed that both doctrines stand for equal rights for women and men as well as women’s right to hold leadership positions as exemplified in the holy books.

The conference also advocated the need to push for the rights and inclusion of women with disabilities in political participation as well as the need to address sexual and gender-based violence amongst women with disability putting their vulnerability into consideration. 

Reporting by Azizatu Sani, editing by Daniel Adejo