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Sylvester Oromoni: Dowen school nurse testifies

A resident nurse at the Lekki-based Dowen College, Omobola Kayode, has testified before the coroner inquiring into the controversial death of the minor, Sylvester Oromoni.

The nurse, who told the coroner that she was trained in Ukraine, started working at the school in November, 2021, a few days before the death of the 12-year-old student.

She testified that on November 22, the deceased came to the school clinic in the company of a friend and complained of thigh pain.

“He (Sylvester) was fine when he came in,” Omobola said.

“He came in the company of a friend.  He complained that he wanted to pick a bible from the floor and he had hip pain on the right.”

Omobola said, Following the lad’s complaint, she was instructed by the school doctor to massage the area and administer a pain killer.

“I massaged his right thigh with a heat spray. I administered paracetamol and he slept off thereafter. He didn’t show any symptoms of fever and there was no sign of trauma.

“After he woke up, he went back to his room,” she narrated.

Omobola, who affirmed that she was resident in the female hostel with the students, also testified that later in the evening of the same day, she went to Sylvester’s hostel for a follow-up and the housemaster called out the boy for her.

She said she then noticed he was limping and again, she massaged the thigh while at his hostel.

The next day, she said she met Sylvester in the sickbay and helped to prepare him for his uncle, who had come to pick him up.

“The school doctor had spoken with his mother the day before and the mother had indicated that someone would be sent to pick up the boy,” Omobola stated.

When asked how the deceased left the school, she explained that he was ‘assisted’ by his uncle, saying “He (Sylvester) put his hand around his uncle and he limped out.”

The nurse, who described the ailment of the boy as minor, also testified that she did not receive any information that he sustained injuries while playing football, neither did she notice any scalding of the lips or injury to the ankle.

Asked why she described the ailment as minor even when Sylvester’s parents were called to pick him up, the witness stressed that the school doctor called his parents, not her.

She said that apart from the doctor, there was another nurse, Kafayat, who also works with her at Dowen College.

“On the day the deceased left the school, Nurse Kafayat was in the clinic attending to other students.”

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Editing by Omotola Oguneye