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House wants ‘automatic’ employment for first class graduates

The House of Representatives wants the Ministry of Education to work with government agencies to ensure that first-class graduates of Nigerian universities are automatically employed.

This was in response to a motion made in plenary by Mr Emeka Chinedu, a member from Imo State.

The lawmaker expressed reservations about the increasing number of employable first-class graduates who are jobless or leaving the country.

This, despite the fact that graduates with lower marks have the first refusal in acquiring jobs because of their connections, according to him.

Mr Chinedu stated that automatic offers for first-class graduates will motivate students to study harder and reach their full potential.

Abdurrazak Namdaz, chairman of the House Committee on the Army, said that a first-class graduate may not be the most competent individual for a job.

Babangida Ibrahim, a lawmaker from Katsina State, stated that the policy would foster academic corruption.

However, the speaker, Mr Femi Gbajabiamila, maintained that the policy would produce the best out of students while also addressing the situation in which graduates with lower qualifications are employed and others with higher qualifications remain unemployed.

The speaker then put it to a vote, and the motion was approved by a majority of the Lawmakers.

Reporting by Ibrahim Shehu, Editing by Omotola Oguneye and Saadatu Albashir