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Ukraine appeals to Russia over growing humanitarian concerns in Mariupol

Refugees walk along a road as they leave the city during Ukraine-Russia conflict in the besieged southern port of Mariupol, Ukraine March 20, 2022. Photo: Reuters

Ukraine has appealed to Russia on Tuesday to allow humanitarian supplies into Mariupol and let desperate civilians out of the besieged city, which President Volodymr Zelenskiy said had been devastated by Russian bombardment.

According to Reuters, officials in Mariupol say the port city on the Sea of Azov, which has a peacetime population of 400,000, has no food, medicine, power or running water.

Mariupol’s plight highlights what an international aid official in Ukraine said was the breakdown of the country’s humanitarian system.

“There is nothing left there,” Zelenskiy said of Mariupol in a video address to the Italian parliament.

As he was speaking, the city council said Russian forces had dropped two large bombs on Mariupol but gave no details of casualties or damage.

Reuters could not independently verify the report.

Russia did not immediately comment on it.

“Once again it is clear that the occupiers are not interested in the city of Mariupol. They want to level it to the ground and make it the ashes of a dead land,” the council said in a statement.

Writing by Muzha Kucha