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Atiku declares to contest 2023 presidential election

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has promised to focus on five key areas including the Unity of the country, Security, Economy, Education and devolution of more resources and powers to the federating units if elected president next year.

Alhaji Atiku while formally declaring to contest the 2023 presidential election also promised Nigerians
a new kind of leadership that will steer the country to a positive path with fresh ideas.

He emphasized that the country was in dire need of a competent hand who can unite the nation and engender economic prosperity through empowering small-scale businesses and lowering taxes on low-income earners.

The former Vice President reiterated his commitment to work with youths to create opportunities for them and promised that his administration would be a transition from the older to the younger generation.

He stressed the need for political leaders to prune down the cost of governance, support the private sector and build infrastructure as well as create jobs

The formal declaration was attended by many of his supporters drawn from various parts of the country.

Reporting by Victorson Agbenson; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino