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Twitter explores letting two accounts co-author a tweet

An example of what a co-authored tweet could look (though, confusingly, in this example both accounts are the same). Image: Alessandro Paluzzi / Twitter

Twitter has confirmed it’s “exploring” a new feature that would allow two account to co-author a single tweet, TechCrunch reports. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has been posting evidence of the feature’s development since at least December, but more recently discovered what appears to be an official dialog box from Twitter about how these tweet collaborations could work.

A co-author feature wouldn’t be a stretch for Twitter, given competitor Instagram has offered something similar since 2021. There are plenty of reasons why two accounts might want to have their names attached to a single post, ranging from brand partnerships, influencer campaigns, or even just sharing credit for a funny post.

According to the screenshots posted by Paluzzi, you’ll only be able to invite public accounts that follow you to co-author a tweet, and they’ll have to accept your invitation.

Hopefully there’s some mechanism in place to stop popular accounts from being repeatedly hit with requests to co-author spammy tweets. Once published, collaborative tweets are shared with followers from both accounts, and both avatars will be shown to the top left of the post.

There’s no word on when Twitter might roll out collaborative tweets, or whether it’ll even make it out of the development stage. But given at least one of Twitter’s competitors already offers such a feature, it seems likely Twitter will want to follow suit.

Theverge/Editing by Tina Oyinsan