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Tari Oliver declares for 2023 presidency

A renowned woman politician, Tari Oba Oliver has officially declared to run for President in the 2023 national elections under the banner of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Mrs Oliver made the announcement in Abuja during a media briefing in which she outlined what she called her three main Agenda: Establishing security in the nation, providing adequate electricity and using technology to advance national development. She described them as the “cardinal focus” of her leadership.

The PDP presidential Aspirant decried the high level of insecurity across the country and the constant killings of innocent Nigerians, especially in the rural areas, which, she said, has affected food security. She pledged to ensure the active participation of local communities in matters of security.

“Am going to ensure that we cut down the budget of government,” Mrs Oliver promised.

“No government official will be paid between the first three to six months. We are going to subsidise food import just to see that we have immediate food. And when it comes to community security, it has to be home-based; it has to be members of the community.

“If you take somebody from Zamfara, train him, deploy him back to that community, He is never going to think about saying ‘am going to shoot you’ and say ‘nothing is going to happen.’ There is going to be a sense of responsibility.”

On the provision of sustainable electricity, Mrs Oliver promised to embark on “decentralising the energy sector” so as to give room for states to “independently generate and distribute power”. 

 “You cannot have a system of government where you do not know all the 774 local government but you want to harness the resources across those local governments,” she said.

“You must get the people involved. If the Federal Government fails to carry the states and local governments along, this is where we are now. We are experiencing the result of that failure. So, the devolution of power is essential to get to where we need to get to as a people.”

Mrs Oliver also pledged to ensure equal and fair representation of all segments of the society, especially to boost the active participation of women and persons with disabilities in the governing process.

The PDP presidential aspirant, who said she has been in active politics for the past 19 years, claimed she had internalised all the strategies and measures needed to be involved in the presidential race, adding that she was determined to overcome all stumbling-blocks to her quest to serve the Nigerian people.

Reporting by Azizat Sani and Nkiru Nnoli; Editing by Daniel Adejo and Tony Okerafor