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Clergy sue for peace, prayers during Easter

Cross section of worshippers at Saint Paul’s Anglican church customs barrack during Easter celebration in Maiduguri.

Christians and non Christians alike have been called upon to use the Easter period and the month of Ramadan to pray for lasting peace in Borno and Nigeria.

The Vicar of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church customs barrack maiduguri Reverend Desmond Yunana made the call during a special Easter Sunday celebration in Borno.

Reverend Yunana said seeing that virtually every part of the country is experiencing one form of insecurity or the other; there was need for all to come to God in prayers and supplication.

The Vicar urged Christians to follow the footsteps of Jesus as a man of peace and also demonstrate love to all irrespective of tribe, race or religion. 

Reverend Desmond Yunana added that Nigerians must be responsible and patriotic citizens by getting Permanent voter cards PVCs to vote credible and God fearing people. 

He prayed for the prosperity of Borno and the country and wished all a blessed and rewarding Easter.

Reporting by Hauwa Bata, editing by Daniel Adejo