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Group undertakes study on response to COVID-19

A study aimed at advancing community access to equitable COVID-19 response project in 48 selected communities across three West African countries has commenced.

The countries are Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria.

The study will provide necessary data on the impact and response to COVID-19, in order to help in proper planning of developmental programmes and policies.

The Lead Partner of the study under the Oxlade consulting, Adeniyi Agunloye said, at a news briefing in Abuja, that the move would scale up experiences of young people, women and people with disabilities as regards resilient approaches to the pandemic.

Mr Agunloye said the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the deaths of over six million people and disrupted lives all over the world.

He observed that COVID-19 also had psychological effects, such as loneliness, overcrowding of small spaces, effects on children being at home, restriction of movement and many others, in West African countries.

The Project ‘’Advancing Community Access to equitable COVID-19 response” is an 18-month project, aimed at building a West African sub-region that is fair, more vibrant and tolerant.

The study will also highlight the contributions of young people in building new narratives and the role they played to stabilise their communities during the pandemic.

“We will also be highlighting the impact of the pandemic on women, their businesses and other issues, such as gender-based marital violence which were peculiar to the west African sub-region,” he said.

 “We will engage an informed policy and institutional leaders on community initiative and how those initiatives can strengthen the government response to provide equity in terms of vaccines and palliative distribution.”

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Writing by Daniel Adejo; Editing by Tony Okerafor