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Group organises cycling competition for children

To promote cycling and biking among children, some parents in Kubwa Abuja have staged a cycling competition.

To this end, children between 9 and 13 years participated in the sporting event.

The take-off point was from the Government Secondary school, Byazhin in Kubwa, Abuja and they cycled to the NNPC station on Arab road in the suburb, a distance of about 10 kilometers.

Two of the organizers of the maiden edition of the event, Mrs. Izin Adaghe and Marian Oluwapidan said the initiative was to enhance the well-being of the children and prepare them for bigger tournaments.

According to Mrs. Adaghe, cycling will build the confidence of the children to use their bicycles for errands and for transportation to and from schools rather than depending on their parents for school runs.

Mrs. Oluwapidan on the other hand believes such an initiative could prepare the children for bigger sporting events in the future.

At the end of the cycling competition, Raji Clinton, 13 years old emerged as the overall winner while Miss Blessed Joseph, 12 years came top among the ladies and 4th overall.

Sharing their experiences with Radio Nigeria, they posited that participating in the novel sporting event was challenging but the funfair aspect of it superseded.

They advocated a longer distance in subsequent editions of the event.

They also received prizes alongside other runner-up participants.

Officials of FRSC were on the ground to ensure safety for the children as they cycled a distance of 10 kilometers.

Reporting by Tersoo Zamber, editing by Daniel Adejo.