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Windstorm killed 7 Children in Taraba

House where rooms collapsed and killed two boys in Mutumbiyu town, Gassol Local Government Area of Taraba during the windstorm. Photo: Daily Trust

No fewer than 7 lives have been lost and about three hundred houses were destroyed in by a heavy windstorm in some villages of Mutum-Biyu in Gassol’s local government area of Taraba State.

The deceased persons were children of the family of Malam Abdulhakim Hashim of Garin Magaji Ward in Mutum-Biyu.

According to the father, they were planning with his 3 little children how they were going to celebrate the Eid-el-Fitr, not knowing that 2 out of them would not witness the Sallah celebration.

He told our Correspondent who visited his house that was destroyed by the windstorm that he never knew the calamity was going to strike a few minutes later.

Hashim said he was talking with his children when the rainfall started, at around 8.40 pm on Saturday, adding that a few minutes later a heavy windstorm accompanied the rainfall.

“I just heard a loud sound then there was darkness around us in the room we were staying with my 3 children a boy Rabi’u, 7 years old, and two girls, Sharbila 3 Years and Jummai 5 years respectively, when the room collapsed and buried us,” he said.

He noted that his wife who was staying in another room raised an alarm when the room collapsed and neighbors rushed into the house and removed him and the three children from the rumble of the building.

” I was brought out from the collapsed building alive but sadly the 2 girls were dead and the boy Rabiu was alive with a fracture on his left hand,” Saleem said.

He stated that Rabi’u was taken to a Referral hospital in Mutum-Biyu and at the hospital, other victims that sustained injuries during the windstorm were also brought from different areas of the town.

” We have never experienced such terrible and very devastating wind in this town, even though in recent years every first rain of the year used to be accompanied by a windstorm,” he said.

From Hashim’s house to a primary school along with Garin Magaji’s ward also in Mutum-Biyu there were countless houses affected by the windstorm and apart from blown-up rooms, there were several rooms inside houses and walls that collapsed.

Just a few meters from Garin Magaji primary school, there was a twin room that collapsed and killed two boys.

The owner of the house and father of the deceased boys, Yakubu Inuwa told our Correspondent that the impact of the collapsed building destroyed everything in the room and also killed his 2 children, Musa (4 years), and Chindo (5 years) who were sleeping in the same bed.

He said the rainfall was not that heavy when it started, but a few minutes later came to a powerful wind that swept everything around.

“The room my late two children were sleeping in just collapsed soon after the windstorm started, and neighbors rushed into our house when they heard the loud sound of the collapsed building.” He revealed.

Inuwa, however, explained that the 2 boys were brought alive but seriously injured with fractures but they died on the way to the hospital.

Reporting by Sani Sulaiman; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino