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Ibom airline rejects Monday shutdown

Ibom Airlines says it will not join the planned shutdown of flights announced by the Airlines Operators of Nigeria (AON).

A statement by Airline said obligations to its customers, suppliers and staff, would not allow it to participate in the shutdown.

According to the statement “Apart from the above factors, Ibom Air is currently the only airline serving Akwa Ibom State directly and as such, any voluntary stoppage of operations would completely cut off access by air into and out of the State.”

“Such action would be directly in conflict with and detrimental to the interest of our shareholder.”

The AON had on Friday said its members would suspend flight services on Monday due to the unbearable high cost of aviation fuel (JetA1) and Aviation Unions similarly announced their planned strike on the same date.

The Ministry of Aviation had on Saturday appealed to the local airline operators to reconsider their decision to suspend services.

Meanwhile, the Minority Caucus in the House of Representatives has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene and avert the imminent shutdown which, it believes, will cripple the nation’s economy.