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Women, youths procure senatorial form for Pauline Tallen

Minister of women Affairs Dame Pauline Tallen receiving the form from the leader of the delegation from Plateau state,  Mrs. Felicia Bala

Women and youths of Southern senatorial Zone of plateau state have purchased an All progressives Congress Senatorial form for the Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen and urged her to run for the seat as their representative in the senate during the 2023 general elections.

While presenting the form to the Minister in Abuja, the Leader of the Delegation from Plateau state, Mrs Felecia Bala said they arrived at the decision based on the antecedent of the minister in ensuring the welfare of the people especially women and children.

According to Mrs Bala, the women and youths contributed to purchase the form for the minister without her knowledge as a way to show their appreciation and to further represent them at the national level.

“We all gather seeing all you have done for us, and to make you know that we appreciate you and we will want you to do more because If your ministerial positions ends, we want you to go further. And for that reason, the women and youths of plateau south collected all the collectable and we bought this form for you to come out for the senatorial seat” she said

While receiving the form, the minister of women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen said the numerous challenges facing women were due to the lack of representation in governance as women had no voice on issues affecting them.

 The Minister further urged the women to raise and take action and ensure that women were adequately represented in governance at all political levels.

Dame Pauline Tallen also appealed to the youth to stay away from hooliganism and join forces with the women to establish the change they desire as they have the numerical strength to make a bold statement in the 2023 elections.  

Reporting by Azizatu Sani, editing by Daniel Adejo.