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Fuel shortage hits Africa

The surge in crude prices and oil shortage as result of the war in Ukraine has led to shortage of fuel supplies, disrupting airlines and causing queues at filling stations in some African countries.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine, hitting tens of millions of people already living in precarious conditions, as well as government and aid agency budgets which led to a hike in the cost of food.

Reuters says fuel shortages are also hitting western nations, but the impact in Africa is expected to be long lasting as governments and companies are generally less able to afford the high cost of imported fuel.

Hence, the need to come up with the millions of dollars needed to get refineries running again at full capacity.

The Head of the African Refiners & Distributors Association, Anibor Kragha, says, it is likely that the situation may get much worse in the short term.

Reuter reports that big western oil companies have been withdrawing from refinery projects in Africa in recent years and local investors and governments have not been able to fill the gap.

Writing by Nkiruka Nwachukwu; Editing by Adeniyi Bakare