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Nigeria offers to plug EU’s Russian gas supply gap

Nigeria is ready to increase its gas supplies to Europe, as the bloc urgently seeks alternatives to its current reliance on Russian energy. Photo: EPA/STR

Nigeria has indicated her readiness to fill the natural gas gaps in Europe, predicated by the current Russian-Ukrainian war.

President Buhari, who gave the indication in Lisbon, Portugal, also said with over 200 million mainly young people, Nigeria was ready to be the hub of the African Continental Free Trade Area AfCFTA, and urged Portugal to consider Nigeria as a valued and trusted partner in Africa.

The President identified five key areas of cooperation and collaboration, capable of moving both countries forward, saying that at a time the world is going through turbulent times, a strong friendship and partnership between Nigeria and Portugal can act as a force for good.

The five areas of co-operation, according to the President, are oil and gas, tourism and hospitality industry, air travel, security and joint commission.

President Buhari stressed that with the current Russian-Ukraine war, increased cooperation in oil and gas between the two countries had become vital to avoid a crisis in the demand and supply chain, even as Nigeria is already a major supplier of gas to Portugal.

Affirming Nigeria’s renewed commitment towards the fight against terrorism in the Lake Chad and the Sahel Region, the President told his Portuguese counterpart that Nigeria would welcome the support of the Portuguese Government through intelligence and information sharing, weapons and training of security personnel of member states.

Reporting by Abdullah Bello; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino