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Ondo pilgrims arrive Mecca ahead of Arafat

Report says Ondo State pilgrims are now in Mecca ahead of the Hajj rites beginning this Thursday in Minna.

The pilgrims visited most of the historical sites where Prophet Mohammed lived his life and his golden grave in Medina.

The pilgrims on arrival in Mecca had a successful umrah after doing the normal tawaf of the Kaaba and Sarfa and Marwa.

The chairman of the Ondo State Muslim Welfare Board, Alhaji Chandy Adams enjoined the pilgrims to intensify prayers for peace in Ondo State and Nigeria in general.

Speaking during the pre-hajji rite lecture in Mecca, Alhaji Adams advised all the pilgrims to follow all the rules and regulations while also cooperating with the officers of the Ondo State Welfare Board for a successful Hajji 2022.

Reporting by Bisi Ajiboye; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino