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Nigeria football league features in video games

Photo: News18

Nigerian soccer has finally joined the video game league as sports fan and computer coder, Victor Daniyan launches ‘Vikseen Virtual’.

The young Nigerian after three years of tinkering and hundreds of lines of code later he remedied the omission of not having Nigerian football stars showcased in video games as stars from clubs across Europe.

Victor Daniyan who is based in Lagos state believes he has launched the first African soccer game – Vikseen Virtual.

According to Reuters, Vikseen Virtual is a modified version of Japanese game-maker Konami’s copyright-free blockbuster simulation Pro Evolution Soccer, and features 50 clubs and more than 1,400 players from Nigeria’s top leagues.

Video: Reuters

Pleased with the development, Harrison Austin, a footballer at Ikorodu City FC, a second-tier professional club in Lagos state, said having his own digital avatar could boost his chances of being scouted.