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Nigerians urged to shun money politics

A Septuagenarian, Mr Godfrey Ojarikre, has called on Nigerians to shun money politics, to pave way for the recruitment of quality leadership in the country next year.

Mr Ojarikre, who recently turned 70, told Radio Nigeria that successive administrations in the country had made a mess of the legacies left behind by the colonial master due to the greed of the leaders.

He said the only way the country’s fortune could be restored was by electing a focused and committed leadership that would place national interest above personal and sectional interests.

He also advocated leadership by example.

A former Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Imo State, Mr Chukwuma Machukwu-Ume, said the country needed a leader who could sacrifice selfish interest for national unity and development.

Mr Machukwu-Ume, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, said Mr Godfrey Ojarikre himself fell in that group of visionary leaders, as he had shown capacity and charisma in all the groups he was leading.

Writing by Dan Ede; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino