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Many drown as boat capsizes in central Pakistan

At least 20 people have died, most of them women, and another 30 are still missing after a boat carrying more than 100 people capsized on a river in central Pakistan.

ABC reports that the overloaded boat was heading to a wedding when it capsized on the Indus river in the district of Sadiqabad.

Nearly 90 guests, mostly women and children, were rescued by divers.

All those on board belonged to one clan, and were on their way to a family wedding across the river.

“We have retrieved 20 bodies so far,” a local government official reported, adding that around 30 additional people were missing.

“We’re not sure how many people exactly were on the boat. We’re getting the estimates just on the basis of the family members’ accounts,” he said.

Nearly 35 divers from a state-run rescue service took part in the operation to find and save more people who were in the river.

Writing by Tony Okerafor